One in three people are hiding _____ from their partner.

Earlier this week, our Monday Morning Throwback from 2014 was about a guy who couldn’t stop banging inflatable pool toys.

Even did it with an inflatable pumpkin in 2002.

Shaw wasn’t in the studio back in 2014 when we originally talked about the pool float dude, but his disgusted reaction to the story earlier this week caused Brian to say “don’t kink shame me”.

A phrase Shaw had apparently never heard before….but he got the gist of it. Maybe that’s why one in three people are hiding their kinky fantasy/fetish from their partner, according to a new survey.

Maybe if we were more honest with one another about what we REALLY want in our relationships, they’ll be a lot stronger & last longer? Maybe?

Just me?

Needless to say, the top ten things that people want to try are:

  1. Doing it in public. 23% of people are into the idea
  2. Handcuffs & other forms of bondage. 22% say they’d like to give it a go. Just make sure you remember the “Safe Word”.
  3. Role-Playing. 21%. Maybe I was immature at the time, but I tried this a LONG time ago with an ex-gf and we just ended up laughing the entire time.
  4. Threesome. 20% of people say they’d like to have another person in the mix…and no surprise, but this was more popular for men than women.
  5. Backdoor action. 18% of people are into trying that.
  6. Tantric Sex. Another 18% are willing to try.
  7. Spanking. 17% are into it.
  8. Phone sex or doing it over Zoom, etc. 15%
  9. S&M. 13% are open to the idea. Again, safe words!
  10. Voyeurism. 12% consider it something they’d like to attempt.

In general, men are more likely to say they want to spice things up, with 54% of men saying yes, but 39% of women also want to spice things up.

Again, some more honesty, along with some open & frank discussions about what we want and want to try might help improve your relationship.

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