Who the hell cooks it “well done”?

Ugh….one of the worst things in the world.

You go somewhere for a nice dinner and the steak is overcooked.

I’m a “rare” guy. I can enjoy a med-rare or even a medium steak. But anything past ‘medium’ and you might as well throw it in the trash.

I’ll never understand how anyone could eat a well-done steak. We care so much about the ‘doneness’ of someone else’s steak that we have countless memes about it.

Because we take our meat seriously. According to a recent survey/study, HALF of us judge people who don’t like their steak cooked the way we like it cooked. And 53% claim they’d even DUMP someone over it.

I’m not saying I’d divorce my wife if she started ordering her steak well-done, but I might question her sanity a bit.

Medium and medium-rare tied for the most popular way to cook a steak. Each got about a third of the vote.

Rare is next at 15% . . . then medium-well, 11% . . . and well done, 10%.

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