Eat wieners. Get paid.

We just went to Miller Park for opening day and enjoyed a few beers during the game, but we didn’t really eat much.

I had a brat, the wife grabbed a hot dog, and then we shared a bag of peanuts during the later innings.

Usually, we’ll walk around the concourse & check out the different offerings, but for whatever reason, neither of us were very hungry.

And to be honest, the brat & dog weren’t all that good.

Not that I was expecting something spectacular, but the brat was probably cooked hours before the game began, then shoved into a bun that was squished and steamed to near oblivion.

Definitely left a lot to be desired.

There’s a website called “Bonus Finder“, and earlier this year, they were looking to hire a professional binge-watcher to watch a bunch of stuff on Netflix, eat pizza, and write online reviews in exchange for $500.

Right now, they’re looking to hire an MLB food tester! The winner of this job hunt will travel to ball games and taste-test the stadium’s hot dogs.

Must enjoy weiners!

They’ll pay for your travel & food expenses, and you just gotta enjoy a game and a dog!

You’ve got until May 2nd to apply!

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