Are you adding any more streaming services?

When we cut the cord over five years ago, it was great!

We had access to all the channels on their various apps with our ISP login. Plus, we had Netflix, Prime and Hulu.

I was getting, and there were plenty of “grey-area” apps you could download on your Firestick to watch all our favorite shows, sports, PPVs & movies.

Now, to fight back against the cord-cutters, EVERY single channel is offering a subscription service, and it’s more expensive to go that route than it is to have cable.

HBOMax, Peacock, CBS All Access, Disney+, Paramount+, etc.

I legit thought about getting HBOMax after Warner Brothers announced that all their 2021 theatrical releases were also getting released on the same day on the HBOMax streaming service.

That’s coming to an end next year, FYI.

I was still able to watch the Snyder cut of “The Justice League”, “Wonder Woman ’84”, and “Godzilla vs. Kong” without a subscription to HBOMax, so I think I’ll be holding off on getting a subscription.

Analysts predict that Americans will add 50 MILLION new video subscriptions in the next year, even as things start to open up again.

That’s up from last year’s 47 million Americans added LAST year when everyone was staying home.

We just went to Milwaukee last weekend and stayed in a hotel, and after watching a bit of cable before going to bed, I did realize that I do miss channel surfing a bit!

But I think we’ll stay where we are with streaming services at this point. There’s still plenty of options for cord-cutters to watch all their favorite shows, sports & movies.

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