I almost turned on the AC.

Dude…it was 75° in my house on Wednesday morning.

Seventy – f**king – FIVE!

I hate the heat. The humidity. The warmth.

Disgusting. Give me temps in the low 60’s and I’m a very happy fat guy. I tend to keep the thermostat at 64° year round. But I haven’t taken the winter cover off our central AC unit yet, and I knew it would be cooling down this weekend, so rather than turn the AC on, I just spent my nights in the basement, where it’s considerably cooler.

During the day, I can manage, but trying to sleep in that swass is nearly impossible. Even with a bit of help from a few tabs of melatonin & a shot of NyQuil.

Surprisingly, the “temperature of the bedroom” is only fifth on a list of the top ten things that make it hard for us to fall asleep/stay asleep.

I’d definitely have it at number one!

86% of Americans say they have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at least once a week, and the top ten reasons for that, according to a recent survey:

  1. Stress about money
  2. Stress about the pandemic
  3. Stress about our family and/or relationships
  4. Stress about work
  5. The temp in the room
  6. An uncomfortable bed
  7. Too much noise
  8. Kids
  9. Pets
  10. Too much light in the room

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