Memories of March 29th Gone By.

Facebook really likes reminding you of things you did. Whether it be a super cringe worthy status update when you were going through your ’emo is more than music, it’s a lifestyle’ phase.

Or a picture you thought was deleted from the internet.

We’ve all been weird on the internet. So you’d be surprised to know that my memories from today are far less cringe inducing, and more joyful and desolate. Weird combo I know. Let’s start with the joyful one!

Two years ago me and my buddy Chow went to see Dream Theater! It was my first DT show and it was amazing. They played ‘Metropolis Pt. 2 Scenes From a Memory’ front to back and it blew my mind. Look how many people were there! We sat in the aisle and not a single time was I worried about someone walking too close to me.

Now let’s check out the desolate memory. One year ago.

Not sure the “Good luck to all” was necessary but thanks?

There were distant birds chirping. The sky had turned a rather ominous shade of grey and the chapel bells were tolling out a lonely chime. It felt like the beginning of a Black Sabbath album. There were no cars. No people. It was the quietest this town had ever been.

Our offices went silent that week too. No more smiling face to let you in the front door. 75% of the staff working remotely. It’s been a hard year. I took this picture today. Like a time capsule of a pre-pandemic life. The calendar left at March 25th. The pens still waiting to take messages. A desk stuck in time.

What a bummer of a day/year. So today I’m swearing to make it a much happier memory. The Wife and I are going to put together the crib for The Baby and I’m so damn excited! I’ve even started to practice doing pony tails in my own hair so I can maybe do her hair when she’s got some! Hashtag girl dad!

Maybe soon we can go out to concerts and bars without fear of contracting a deadly virus. I’m not here to debate science vs it being some fear mongering tool that Bill Gates developed to increase his stock options in child sex trafficking because I’m tired of it. I’m getting the vaccine and life will go back to being whatever normal ends up being. Here’s an album for you.

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