But how do you wipe?


How do you even wipe when you’re handcuffed to someone else 24/7?

That was the first thing I thought about when I read this story about a couple in the Ukraine who decided to handcuff themselves to one another for three months in order to fix their relationship.

Viktoria is a beautician and Alexandr is a car salesman, and credit to them for trying everything to make it work.

Apparently, they keep fighting, breaking up and getting back together, and rather than just break up & go their separate ways, they decided to handcuff themselves to one another on Valentine’s Day in an attempt to truly fix the relationship.

And all I can think about is how do you wipe with only one free hand?

I suppose the showers could be a lot of fun. But that private time on my throne is important to me.

I guess they go to the bathroom solo with the other person’s handcuffed limb remaining inside the bathroom, and they take turns showering.

Which doesn’t sound fun at all.

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