Are you messy? Get some help.

I’m a wash, dry, fold guy.

All in the same day.

My wife is…………………………………………………..not.

In our old house, this used to bother me a lot. She’d make a complete mess of her side of the bedroom with clothes strewn EVERYWHERE.

Drove me absolutely friggin’ nuts.

But, we talked about out, I publicly shamed her on Facebook, and then she got better about trying to keep things more orderly.

I know I have a slight case of OCD, and my wife is a borderline hoarder. So, we sometimes have difficulty finding common ground on certain things, especially the level of order & cleanliness in our house.

Since we’ve moved into a much nicer house, it’s less of an issue.

Plus, she binged a bunch of seasons of Hoarders over the winter months and I think that helped to scare her a bit.

If you live with a slob, or if you are a messy trash heap yourself, get some help from one of Marie Kondo‘s experts in the “2021 Spring Cleaning Challenge” from!

They’re going to pick one person who’ll receive five private virtual or in-home sessions with a KonMari consultant, $500 in organizational products and a 1-year VIP membership with Grove Collaborative along with a C-Note to spend.

You gotta be a US resident who’s 18 or older, and be willing to share some before & after pics of your pig sty you nasty sonofaDiddly.

For all the info & to sign up, click here.

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