Nice moon. See Uranus?

Would you like to go to the moon?

Me? I’d prefer to see Uranus.

Apparently, space travel is the new “thing” and everybody’s doing it!

Or, at least, trying to do it.

A Japanese billionaire bought the rights to SpaceX‘s first flight to the moon in 2023, and now he’s looking for EIGHT people to ride along.

His name is Yusaku Maezawa and he’s super-duper rich.

Back in 2018, dude bought the rights to SpaceX’s first passenger trip to the moon at an estimated $250 million.

And now he’s looking to share the aisle seat with you, potentially.

“It will take three days to get to the moon, loop behind it, and three days to get back. I will pay for the entire journey. I hope that together we can make it a fun trip.”

So wait, you don’t even get to step out onto the surface of the moon?

No moonwalk? No small step for man?


Applications to be his moon-buddy are due by next Sunday, the 14th of March.

And in case you missed it, the first two SpaceX test flights ended rather spectacularly.

Have fun stormin’ the castle!

For all the info & to apply, click here.

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