Breaking Bands to People You Know.

Last week I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! In one of the many Zoom calls I am in throughout the week someone brought up the Notorious B.I.G. 4 of the 5 participants moved on through the call because there was no reason for anyone in this world of ours to not know Biggie Smalls. There was 1 who after a minute looked directly in the webcam and said, “Wait. Who is the Notorious B.I.G.?”

How do you not know Biggie Smalls? How do you go 26? years into your life and never heard this banger?

Or even this?

That blew my mind. So I told my mom because even she knows who the Notorious B.I.G. is! She then said one of her friends called her and asked about one of the gifts on our baby shower registry. She asked my mom, “Who is this AC/DC band?” Shocked I nearly hung up the phone.
IMAGINE LIVING OVER 60 YEARS ON THIS PLANET AND NOT KNOWING AC/FREAKING/DC!! An entire lifetime and never hearing this riff.

So it got me thinking. What bands have I introduced to people that shocked me that they had never heard them before? I introduced my best friend George to Lamb of God back in ’08. He hated them at first now he loves them! Other than that I don’t think I’ve really been mind blown by people not knowing bands.

Have you introduced anyone to a huge band somehow they have never heard of? And don’t tell me you were shocked when you played Skeletonwitch for your buddy and he had no idea who they were. I’m saying like someone in their 20’s that have never heard Led Zepplin or Nirvana. Let me know because we need to check on those people and make sure they are ok! Have you ever heard of these guys? I think they might be big some day!

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