What the duck is going on?

Are you sick of your ducking phone changing the words you want to use in a text message to something you would NEVER ducking use?

It sucks.

Nobody would ever say “WHAT THE DUCK”


So, if you’re sick of it auto-correcting from the ‘F’ word to the ‘D’ word, here’s some tips:

If you have an iPhone, go to “Settings”, “General” and find your Keyboard settings. Then click “Text Replacement”.

It allows you to create shortcuts in your phone. So if you type “OMW”, it’ll change it to “On My Way”…but in this case, you can enter the ‘F’ word as the shortcut AND the full phrase.

Problem solved.

An Android phones, do the same thing by going to “Settings”, “Language & Input”, and find the feature called “Personal Dictionary”.

Hopefully that helps.

I’ve never had to change anything on my phone. I’ve used the ‘f’ bomb so much that it just started showing up in my predictive text.

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