Who Do I Cheer For?

When you live in a mixed household, or even a non-native state, it can be difficult to decide who to cheer for. I’m not talking about abandoning your fandom. But do you cheer for the new team(s) or hold true to your roots?

I’m originally from Minnesota. The Vikings are my team. My wife is from Wisconsin. The Packers are her team. Sometimes, this causes friction. We can’t BOTH win. One of us must lose.

I will never NOT be a Vikings fan. But after living in WI for over 25 years, I don’t hate The Packers as much as I used to. I will never be a Packers fan. BUT. I do watch (and enjoy) the games. And sometimes (I must admit) I DO hope they win. Kinda. For her sake.

OK, that’s bull**** I want them to win for ME. It’s the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” factor. And besides… as much as I LOVE the Vikings… it IS just a game at the end of the day.

But NOT when we are playing EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So with the Packers knocking on the door of another Super Bowl, the question is clear. If you are not a Packers fan, who do you cheer for?

The Division? The NFC? Or the team you’re supposed to hate because they are a rival? Do you cheer against them because of that? Does that hatred of a team or a fanbase transfer into a firm stance against a team… no matter what? All tough questions.

For me? It’s simple. I want my wife to be happy. Not just for me. I’m not really that selfish. I truly want her team to win. It brings her joy after an entire week of stressing about if the Packers are going to win, or over who’s injured, or if Rodgers will have enough protection with Bakhtiari out.

She truly is a great football fan. A smart football fan. But still, a Packers fan. Sometimes that is difficult for me to handle… because she would never. EVER. Cheer for the Vikings.

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that lady was really mad at me……..

I’m kidding, she does, and has… because she loves me, and she wants me to be happy too. That’s how love works. It’s just tough during football season. And especially at Lambeau.

Stupid Packers


Puck still kinda hates the Packers. He can’t help it. He has purple blood. Check out Puck LIVE (from his daughters bedroom) during the pandemic from 10:00-2:00 weekdays. Listen Here


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