The top bad habits we’ve picked up this year.

One bad habit that I’ve always had is eating junk food.

And that’s definitely increased this year. But not so much that I’ve ballooned to a size I’m uncomfortable with.

I was drinking more during the beginning, but I’ve been able to cut back on that quite a bit over the last two months or so.

I think we’ve all leaned on some of our bad habits to help get us through the last year with the pandemic and everything else that’s happened.

A recent survey asked people about the bad habits they’ve picked up this year and the top ten are:

  1. Snacking more throughout the day. 40% of people said yes to this one, including me!! I have definitely been eating fewer “meals” during the pandemic, but I am certainly eating small amounts of this or that during the day.
  2. Eating more comfort food. 39% of people said they’ve been relying on comfort food more than ever.
  3. Not eating enough fruits & vegetables. 33% said yes. I’ve actually noticed that I eat more fruits, but only in the morning at the station. Once I’m home, all bets are off.
  4. Drinking too much caffeine. 32% of people are doing this. I usually have two cups of coffee in the morning, and I’ll occasionally have a soda in the afternoon, but I don’t feel like my caffeine intake has increased during the pandemic.
  5. More junk food. Also 32% of people. GUILTY!
  6. Not eating three meals a day. 31% of people said yes. We still try to have dinner every day, but we’ve never really been breakfast or lunch people because of our differing schedules.
  7. Too much alcohol. 26% of people are drinking more, according to this survey. No shocker here. I try to just have beers on the weekends now.
  8. Not exercising enough. 25% said yes.
  9. Staying in pajamas all day. 23% of us have done it during the pandemic. I must be ahead of the curve, because I’ve been rocking gym shorts and a hoodie every day at work for years now.
  10. Sleeping in & being late for work when working from home. According to the survey, 1 in 9 people who’ve had to work from home say they’re guilty. I was only working from home for two weeks around Thanksgiving, so I wasn’t able to “sleep in”, which usually refers to waking up at 4am instead of 3am.

More info on this survey here. But thankfully, the new year is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to attempt some positive changes in your life!

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