Top Five SNL Xmas sketches.

There’s no shortage of lists about the top holiday sketches on SNL. And they’ve certainly had plenty of good ones.

This year, the two-hour special will air next Wednesday night on NBC, and this is my top five:

Five: Wrappinville. Can’t go wrong with the extremely funny duo of Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake.

Four: Sump’n Claus. I hum this chorus EVERY. FRIGGIN. YEAR.

Three: Twin Bed. The song is great, and the old-school pics are absolutely fantastic! Plus, we’ve all tried to get randy in a small bed!

Two: Dick in a Box! Go figure, JT shows up again. Is there anything that dude can’t do? There’s NO doubt in my mind that a LOT of dudes in 2006 were cutting holes in boxes for a special surprise on 12/25.

Numero Uno: Schweddy Balls. It’s the greatest of all time. An absolute classic. It belongs in the SNL HOF!

Honorable mention: Michael Bublé’s Christmas duets. Good to see a guy like Bublé with a sense of humor.

Honorable non-Christmas mention: The original Chanukah song by Adam Sandler. Another absolute classic from Sandler.

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