The presents we plan on giving this year.

Whatever you give this Christmas, try to make sure you spend that money locally!

Can’t stress that enough. Pick up a gift card, a crowler or two, something made right here in our community.

I think the wife & I will forgo the presents this year as we don’t really need anything. We’ll still pick up a few things for the dogs and something for her parents and my mom, but likely won’t buy anything for ourselves.

According to a recent survey, the average person is buying gifts for SIX people this year, and will spend $322 total(unless you’re trying to get your hands on one of those PS5’s!!!)

The top types of gifts people are planning on giving this year are:

  1. Gift cards. They’re also the NUMBER ONE thing that people want this year. So, don’t overthink it!
  2. Clothing. (yuck)
  3. Fashion accessories. (jewelry, etc)
  4. Household items. (everyone & their grandmother is telling me to get an air fryer this year)
  5. Food & drinks.

I’ll take a sixer or a crowler if you’re looking for something for me!

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