The most stressful things about Xmas shopping

I hate shopping. ESPECIALLY during the holidays.

Lines, traffic, people, incompetency. I loathe all of it.

So, I try to keep my shopping to a minimum, and I also try to accomplish most of it online if possible.

And I ALWAYS try to patronize local businesses first.

Never forget that $68 of every $100 you spend stays in the community when you shop locally!

If you’re like me, holiday shopping is a necessary evil, but what’s the most stressful thing about it? Is it the lines? The traffic? Unhelpful customer service?

According to a recent study, the most stressful thing about Christmas shopping is “Trying to find the perfect gift”.

Maybe because people are trying to compete with the rest of their friends & family to outdo everyone else in the gift-giving department? A new poll found that 61% of people see gift-giving as a competition, and will try to “out-gift” at least one other person this year.

The top things that stress us out while holiday shopping:

  1. Trying to find the perfect gift
  2. Looking for something that’s sold out. DAMN YOU CABBAGE PATCH DOLLS!
  3. Worry someone won’t like the gift you got them
  4. Worry it’s something they won’t use
  5. Buying them something they already have
  6. Being “out-gifted” by someone
  7. Worrying your gift won’t adequately show the person how much you care about them
  8. Bad weather & driving conditions while you’re out shopping
  9. Being out for long periods of time
  10. Porch Pirates stealing your packages

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  1. Randy J on December 2, 2020 at 6:56 am

    Silver Hairs, Everywhere, It’s Christmas Time In The City.. (Think Silver Bells Theme)..

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