Thanksgiving foods you shouldn’t feed your dog

We’ve got two dogs at our house, Fenway & Maggie.

And just like most dogs, they LOVE to beg for table scraps. Occasionally, they’ll get a bit of steak or a small piece of a pizza crust, but we try to limit the amount of people food they get.

Doesn’t stop them from sniffing around in the kitchen after we’ve had dinner.

But if you’re thinking about giving your pooch a bite of your meal on Thanksgiving, you might want to be careful.

In general, avoid foods with lots of ingredients, like butter, salt & spices.

The four worst foods to give your pupper are:

  1. Turkey AFTER it’s been seasoned. Unseasoned is okay, and white meat is better than dark, but avoid giving them the skin, and NEVER give them the bones as they can splinter and cause a ton of damage.
  2. Garlic & onions. Too much can mess with your dog’s red blood cell count. Same thing for chives & scallions.
  3. Raisins, grapes & currants. One or two isn’t going to kill your dog, but they can cause kidney failure in dogs. Best to avoid them.
  4. Baked goods. Especially if they’re sugar-free.(Who the hell makes sugar free pies and cookies?) Too much sugar can cause pancreatitis, so avoid pies & whipped cream. But the sugar-free stuff is WORSE!  There’s a sugar substitute called xylitol, and it can make their blood sugar plummet and cause liver failure.  It tends to happen fast, so be really careful with anything sugar-free. 

For more info on keeping your pooch safe around the Thanksgiving table tomorrow, click here!

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