Pumpkin pie sucks balls.

Honestly, after all the stuffing, mac & cheese, turkey and green bean casserole, I rarely have room left for any dessert.

But I’m definitely not choosing to eat pumpkin pie. Or pecan pie.

You can throw them in the trash where they belong.

If I do have room for some dessert, I’m going with a scotcharoo, a cookie, or maybe a slice of apple or cherry pie.

My mother-in-law is planning on making TWO friggin’ pumpkin pies for the four of us this Thanksgiving.


Apparently, I’m in the extreme minority on this one, though. 42 states in America have proclaimed pumpkin as their favorite, according to this study.

If you’re looking for something unique to bring to the table on Turkey day for dessert, you could try to get your hands on one of these turkey-shaped ice cream cakes from Baskin Robbins.

There’s none in the La Crosse area, but if you’re headed to MSP or eastern side of the state, maybe you could score one there.

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