Our favorite sammiches!

I love a good sandwich. Doesn’t matter if it’s an egg salad, tuna fish, PB&J, or a club.

But my all time favorite sammich is a reuben. You take a couple of slices of fresh-baked rye bread, put a little bit of butter on each slice & put them butter-side down on the flattop grill. Grab some thinly sliced corned beef and toss that on the griddle or in the pan and let it sizzle & pop. Toss it a few times. Take your bread off the flattop, lay it on the plate, crispy side out.

Add a couple of slices of swiss cheese(not the cheap stuff, either) to the top of your corned beef so it can start to melt. Slather some Thousand Island dressing on your bread, add some fresh sauerkraut(make sure you drain as much of the liquid as possible to avoid a soggy sammich), and then plop your corned beef/swiss cheese onto the layer of kraut. Put your other slice of rye bread on top, slice that bad boy in half, and you’ve got yourself the perfect sammich, IMO.

Sadly, the state of Wisconsin disagrees with about it’s favorite sandwich.

According to a new study that looked at Google trends to determine our favorite sammich in every state, WI is in love with a plain old tuna fish sandwich.

Not that I don’t also enjoy a classic tuna fish sandwich, but given the choice, I’m going with the Reuben 10 times outta 10.

Around the rest of the Midwest, the fried-egg sandwich is numero uno in Minnesota, Iowa loves pork tenderloin sammich, and Illinois prefers the Italian beef(big surprise).

Check out the list of our favorite sandwiches here.

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