Put that beard to WORK!

Beards are great.

They cover up that double chin. They help keep your face warm. They can catch bits of food to save for later. So versatile.

But what else can your beard do?

Well, if you’ve got a sweet beard that has minimal talent, you could win $20,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a LOT of Bacon & mortgage payments.

Wahl Grooming is looking for the “Most talented beard in America.

All you gotta do, is upload a video of you(and your beard), performing whatever talent you have.

Ninja skills. Eating skills. Touching your nose with your tongue skills. Solving a Rubik’s cube skills. Bow-staff skills.


They’ll take a look at all the submissions, whittle it down to the top 10, and then the public will be able to vote on them to help determine the winners.

First place gets the $20k! Second place gets a cool ten thousand, third rakes in $5k, and all ten finalists will get $500 and some Wahl grooming products.

Hurry your ass up, though….you’ve got until this Friday to enter!

For all the info, click here.

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