Pints with Puck: Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter

First things first; Vanilla can be tricky when it comes to beer. Breckenridge may have found the perfect balance. Their Vanilla Porter is remarkably well balanced, without that bean taking over…

Second; in all honesty, I’ve never been into vanilla when it comes to beer. I’ve had a number of them that were, well. Just WAY too overpowering. But this one? That is definitely NOT the case. Breckenridge Brewery’s Vanilla Porter is FANTASTIC, and it has one thing many of the others do not. Listen here:

Pints with Puck: Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter

They use the BEANS in the brewing process instead of extract or oils. Real. Vanilla. I think that makes a huge difference. The vanilla flavor doesn’t take over the entire flavor profile. The taste is totally there, but the other flavors are also allowed to come through. And THAT, is a most excellent thing.

You’ll get a big taste of roasted caramel malt. A strong note of dark roast coffee, like Ethiopian or Sumatra – Think the bold flavored African coffees. Now, that vanilla is still in there… it’s just much more subtle than many of the other vanilla beers on the market.

Again, That’s a good thing. If you’re looking for a BIG vanilla flavor in your beer. Drop in a scoop of ice cream. Do you want a beer that perfectly balances the flavor without totally overpowering your palate? Well, then buy some of this. I just bought a case and a half. It was on sale.


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