Get laid. Get paid.

My wife & I bought a VERY expensive mattress over a decade ago at Wettsteins and it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

We did quite a bit of research before buying the mattress, so we knew exactly what we wanted.

One thing we never did was “take it for a test drive”, as they say.

No 30-days of sleeping on it to see if we liked it before buying.

No “extracurricular activity” either. I honestly don’t think that would have influenced our decision either way.

But, if you like doing the deed on a brand new mattress & want to get paid for it, then Sleep Standards wants to pay you $3,000 to bone on a new mattress & write a review!

No video of your activities required, either!

They send you a mattress every week, and all you have to do is have sex on it, and provide detailed feedback. They want to figure out which mattresses stack up for sexual activity.

This is almost as good as a job that pays you to take naps!

For more info on how you could get paid for getting laid, click here

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