How to help prevent “maskne”

My wife’s had to wear a mask at work for awhile now and her biggest complaint is that it messes with her skin.

She’s already struggled with breakouts for years, and the mask is definitely NOT helping.

And if you’re like my wife & looking for some tips on how to prevent “Maskne” during the ‘Rona, here’s a few:

  1. Wash your face more.  The main goal is to make sure oil and dirt don’t build up.  So washing your face is a big one. Not just once a day, either.
  2. Wear less make-up.  Or just wear no make-up on the lower half of your face.  No one can see it anyway, so why bother?
  3. Wash your mask more often.  Or use the disposable kind.  You’re supposed to wash reusable masks every time you use them anyway.  So having at least three or four clean ones that you can rotate in helps.

If you gotta wear a mask & are struggling with “maskne”, maybe these tips can help!

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