Summer Party Tip – Wapatuli!

I’m from New England. And we don’t drink “Wapatuli”.

In fact, I’d never even heard of it until I moved to Wisconsin in 2003.

So, if you’re like me, having a few people over on the weekend, and looking to make a Wap, here’s how you do it:

  1. Buy a brand new plastic trash barrel.
  2. Get two bottles of gin, rum, and vodka.
  3. Buy six gallons of OJ, lemonade & apple cider or apple juice.
  4. Pick up a case of beer. I prefer PBR.
  5. Get five pounds of apples, five pounds of oranges, 5 pounds of grapes, a large watermelon, three quarts of strawberries and three quarts of cherrries.
  6. And ice. 10-15lbs of it.
  7. The night before your party, clean the barrel. And clean & cut up all the fruit. After it’s all chopped up, throw it in the barrel.
  8. Add all the booze.
  9. Stick it in the fridge if you’ve got room, or in the basement with a lid on it overnight.
  10. Just before the party, add the juices & the beer…and right before the guests arrive, add the ice!

And voila! You have a giant-ass Wap.

What’s your Wapatuli recipe?

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