After many years of just dogs, my wife & I got a cat last year.

He’s okay. We named him “Cricket”, after Rickety Cricket from “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

I’m still a dog-guy at heart, and I repeatedly tell my wife that this will be the only cat we’ll ever have.

But, if you’re a big lover of cats, then there’s a place in North Carolina with your name on all over it!

A museum of the house cat!

Not panthers, or cougars, or lions. Just house cats.

They’ve got a bunch of art, cat collectibles, mummified cats, and something called “purr pods”.

Also, the curator of the museum, Dr. Harold Sims, is an advocate for or the stray, abandoned, and feral Cats of Jackson County, North Carolina. Which is pretty friggin’ cool.

For more info on the museum of house cats, check out their website here.


Brian Simpson

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