Road trip?

Maybe a Jedi doesn’t crave adventure or excitement, but a Hobbit does!

So in this case, consider me one of the Shire.

There’s a dude named Johnny Perri in Michigan who owns a jewelry store. It was handed down to him from his dad and unfortunately, like many businesses during the pandemic, he had to find another way to make some money.

So, he closed his business, took the entire inventory and BURIED it all around Michigan.

But how is he going to make money burying his jewelry?

Well, he’s launching a treasure quest to find each of the stashes of gold, diamonds, silver & more! People can buy tickets for the quests, giving them clues to find the buried treasure. After the clues are sold, it’s a race to find the riches!

The tickets are $40 per quest, and it’s DEFINITELY a good investment(if you find the treasure), as each treasure is worth about $4k.

The first quest starts on August 1st and you can see more info here.

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