Summer Party Tip!

Summer is definitely here and there’s plenty of little ways you can help make life easier for yourself!

Rather than break your hand trying to get a scoop of that ice cream, put the tub in a gallon freezer bag before sticking it in the freezer and it’ll stay nice & soft every time!

If you’re going to the beach, you can use a fitted sheet along with a few items like a cooler or radio to set up a sand-free area. The fitted sheet can be laid out on the sand, with your heavier items in the four corners to create an bizarro-sandbox!

And if you’ve still got sand on your feet when you get back to the car or the house, bring along some baby poser & sprinkle it on your feet to help the sand fall off naturally.

I don’t drink much iced coffee, but if you want it to stay more coffee than water, just freeze a pot of coffee into an ice cube tray and use those cubes instead of regular ice!

There’s a ton of different hacks for getting rid of mosquitos, but if you’ve got some mouthwash & a spray bottle, just pour your mint mouthwash into a spray bottle to spritz over your body to keep them from bothering you.

As for fruit flies, just take some small containers, add a bit of fruit, like a banana or mango or apple. Cover the container with a bit of plastic wrap & poke a few small holes in the plastic. The fruit flies go in, but can’t get out!

What are some of your summer hacks?

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