My review of the “Unsolved Mysteries” reboot.

I don’t know what you did this 4th of July weekend, but between all the beer & BBQing, I found time to binge all six episodes of the recently rebooted “Unsolved Mysteries” series on Netflix.

And it was just sorta ‘meh’.

Without a host, it lacked a lot of that creepy, menacing and uneasy feeling I’d get watching the original back in the late 80’s & early 90’s.

Robert Stack did such a fantastic job and without a comparable host, it just didn’t have that same kind of feeling.

I will admit, that I had high expectations, and that may have contributed to my lack of interest in this reboot after watching it. Maybe my own, personal expectations just couldn’t be met.

Also, the music was similar, but not technically the same as the original, and I think that took away from the nostalgia factor for me.

The episode about the French family along with the alien abduction episode were certainly the two stand-outs amongst the others.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch it, but I was definitely disappointed by it.

Something cool about this show is that it’s already generating leads on the cases that were covered.

I was on my phone Googling “Alonzo Brooks” and saw that the FBI had reopened the case that REEKED of a cover-up.

There’s going to be more episodes released later this year, and I think I’ll have to keep my expectations lower so I’m not disappointed again.

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