Every movie released on 4th of July weekend – ranked!

You know me. I LOVE my movies.

And the 4th of July weekend is when the big guns come out.

Every year of my life, there’s always been 2-3 “4th of July BLOCKBUSTERS” that seem to come out around the holiday to lure people into the theaters for max profits!

Except this year, of course.

And TheRinger.com just put together a ranking of ALL the movies released on & around the 4th of July since 1985, when the whole “4th of July BLOCKBUSTER” became a thing.

There’s 56 movies in the list, and the worst one of all time is rightfully “Wild Wild West”. This movie stunk. Plain & simple. It felt like they made a movie just so Will Smith could write a theme song for it.

Judge Dredd is entirely too low on this list at #52. I AM THE LAW!!!!!!

But it was nice to see one of my favorite movies, “Big Trouble in Little China” make the list at #21. Which also reminds me, I need to watch good old Jack Burton & the Pork Chop Express again.

The top 10 is all the big ones, even if they did jam three Spider-Man movies into one for 10/9/8.

Obviously, Armageddon makes the top 10 at #6. It might be the most quotable movie in history.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day(the best Terminator movie) hits the list at #3.

And to no surprise, Independence Day is numero uno. Another EXTREMELY quotable movie.

You can check out the rest of the list here.

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