New “Flamin’ Hot” Pepper Puffs

It’s no secret.

I don’t do “spicy”

I’m not a fan of anything that’s “Flamin’ Hot”, or has a punny name about the devastation it causes to your anus.

Just not my scene. I like my chili to be flavorful, full of meat and vegetables, but VERY mild. I’ll take a nice gouda or aged cheddar over a pepper jack in my bloody any day.

So when all these new chips come out that are supposed to be hotter than the last one, I just walk on by and pick up my ketchup chips or better yet, my sour cream & onion.

But, if you’re a big fan of the “Flamin’ Hot” line of Cheetos, there’s a new “Pepper Puff” coming out that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

It’s supposedly the hottest “Flamin’ Hot” variety ever. They’re devilishly red & shaped like a pepper.

They’ll be available at Walmart for a limited time, so look for them in the chip aisle next time you go.

And maybe purchase some baby wipes for “after”.

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