Fresh meat. 24/7.

Last week, we had the story of the mom who put a snack vending machine in her house to encourage her kids to do their homework & help with chores in order to earn money for the vending machine.

And she’s definitely not the first interesting/odd vending machine story in history.

There’s been coffee vending machines for years, machines that vended snacks, drinks, even cigarette vending machines. There was one at Coconut Joes until just a few years ago, actually.

There’s even a pizza vending machine or two out there.

But this butcher in Rochester, NY has a 24-hour meat vending machine & it’s apparently wildly successful.

You know, in case you have a hankering for a fresh NY strip at 2am and the grocery store isn’t open. He said “On Saturday, I was cutting and restocking the machine four or five times.”

Might have to talk to my buddy, Josh, at the City Meat Market about this!

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