IPAs suck.

Anybody who knows me knows that I usually prefer a really strong, really dark stout or porter over an IPA our a Double IPA or a New England-style IPA or any kind of IPA.

In fact, I can’t really stand IPAs.

I just don’t get it.

And I almost always feel like a man on an island as new trends continue to pop up in the beer world.

From the fruity beers to the seltzers to sours.


Give me all the chocolatey, smokey, ashy, barrel-aged 15% beers!

I even drink them in the summer months!

And according to a recent survey, I’m not alone!

Only 45% of people in this survey said they liked “hoppy” beers!

The three styles that people liked the most were: clean & crisp, fruity, & dark.

The least popular were: bitter, sour or tart, & cloudy.

More results here.

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