The one with LEEEROY JENKINS!!!!

This week, we started out with some Good News with Bad Music and talked about the benefits & challenges of working from home.

Plus, it was “National Eat What You Want” day early in the week, so we played a “Weird Foods” edition of Fact or Bullcrap.

Is it Gif or Jif? We talked about that as well. And since it was the anniversary of “Leeroy Jenkins“, Brian talked about how his buddy, Hot Sauce, went all “LEEROY JENKINS” on his Jello-Shot Jenga one year.

Plus, some tips for sleeping better and the top ten things people are doing to cope with stress right now. And we talked about the “ant people” Facebook group that’s got almost 2 million members!

Also, a corpse that “waved” at funeral attendees!


Brian Simpson

Unapologetic fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins & Celtics. Lover of powerful, dark beers. Married with NO kids. Ever. Lover of doggos. Not so much cats.

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