How to make the perfect nachos.

How would you make the perfect nachos?

Well, it obviously starts with the chips.

If you’re buying shitty chips, you’re going to get shitty nachos. No matter how many delicious toppings they have.

Obviously, some kind of meat. I’m partial to a smoked brisket or pulled pork.

There’s obviously cheese…and again, the choice is essential. If you’re looking for some low-class nachos, then you can certainly go with “cheese-like” substance, or you can take it up a notch with sometime like a mozzarella or fontina cheese.

Sour cream, guac or both?

A salsa, of course. And here’s where I stray. I’m not a spicy guy. I don’t mind a very mild salsa, but I prefer something with a lot of onion & garlic over something with a ton of heat.

If you’re REALLY into nachos, then you can watch Bill “Fucking” Murray & Guy Fieri go head-to-head tomorrow(5/15) on the Food Network Facebook page in a nacho cookoff!

The event is being billed as the “Nacho Average Showdown” and is a fundraiser for Guy’s Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.

Not only go you get BFM & Guy, but Shaq & Terry Crews will judge!

All the info is here!

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