The two new Tik Tok “challenges”.

There’s a couple of new Tik Tok “challenges” and they’re both really dumb…and penis related.

I suppose, with all this time at home, people are probably running out of traditional ways to amuse themselves…so they’ve decided to do the “Shampoo Challenge” or the “Pee Your Pants Challenge”.

Now, if you Google “Shampoo Challenge”, there’s actually a couple of different versions. One involves coloring your hair, the other involves getting a boner, and attempting to balance a shampoo bottle on your woody, while wearing underwear. Not sure if the bottle is full or empty, however.

The other challenge is exactly what it sounds like. You pee your pants.

Which, sadly, isn’t the dumbest “challenge” on Tik Tok recently.

See: “skullbreaker” and “toilet licker” for reference.

Am I just Clint Eastwood? Sitting on my front porch with my dog, drinking copious amounts of PBR and yelling at people to “GET OFF MY LAWN”???

Or are these things just a sign that we’re getting dumber as a species?

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