Should streaming be free right meow?

There’s a new petition online asking for Netflix, Hulu & other streaming services to stop charging for their services during the ‘Rona.

And while I wouldn’t say “no” to free streaming services, I don’t mind paying for them, either.

My wife & I are fortunate enough to continue working during the pandemic, but we are also being frugal with our money.

We took everything we had in a storage locker & put it in our garage. And when things start to go back to normal, we’ll put that shit back in storage again.

Just didn’t need to spend the extra $52 a month when we could squeeze all that garbage in our house for a short stint.

And if we couldn’t afford Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, then we’d cancel that service as well.

What do you think? Free streaming for all?

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Brian Simpson

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