The one where Shaw “guffawed” at Brian.

Monday the 13th was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 crisis, so we played a round of “Fact or Bullcrap” in it’s honor.

We also had a list of some tips for working from home, courtesy of some people who’ve been working from home for awhile now.

Plus, a three-some that did NOT end happily, and some signs you are NOT a good cook.

We had plenty of “Good News with Bad Music”, and we talked to Travis from GECU about the stimulus checks. Also, Brian discovered his new favorite word, and Shaw ‘guffawed’ at him on Wednesday morning.

Some “Good News with Happy Music” in there as well, talking about the All-In Challenge and an incredible 99 year old WWII Vet who is raising a TON of money just by walking! Also, a list of five skills you can learn for free online!


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