One of the coolest things EVER.

So, there’s a 99 year-old WWII vet in England named Tom Moore.

That alone makes him a badass.

But that ain’t all. Tom recently broke his hip. And as he rehabs at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, he wanted to do something to help the National Health Service(NHS) for the great care he received.

The NHS is currently under tremendous strain like many healthcare facilities around the globe.

So Tom decided to walk the length of his garden 100 times before his 100th birthday on April 30th. In total, about 2.5km. His goal was to raise $1,000 during his walks, and in just the past week, his story went viral and it’s now over $5 million!!!!!!!


And Tom says he’s going to continue: “I shall continue up and down here after my birthday. I’ll keep on going whilst people are still contributing to the National Health Service.”

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