Tips to help your groceries stay fresh longer

Gotta make it last as looooooooooooooooooong as possible.

So, here’s some tips for helping your groceries stay fresh longer!

  1. Try putting a paper towel in with your lettuce or spinach. It’ll absorb some of the extra moisture to help keep the greens from getting soggy & slimy.
  2. Rewrap your block of cheese. It’s better if it gets some air…so put it in something more breathable than plastic wrap…something like wax paper. Then put the whole thing inside a partially open plastic bag.
  3. If you’re making soups & stocks, freeze leftover broth in ice cube trays! Sometimes you don’t need a whole can/jug of stock.
  4. Store fresh herbs the way you store flowers. Keep them upright in a glass with a bit of water in the bottom.
  5. Dry your produce REALLY well after you wash it. Normally it’s best to not wash it until right before you eat it, but nowadays, you’ll want to wash it right away. So make sure you dry it well so the leftover moisture doesn’t cause it to rot faster.
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