Some more good news!

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, I promise I’ll keep trying to hook you up with some positive news instead of the constant “doom & gloom” that’s out there.

I think my favorite positive news is that the weather is getting better. Being stuck inside is fine, but having the option of enjoying a long walk, bike ride, or working on the yard/exterior of my house is delightful.

Here’s some other uplifting news from all over the place.

  1. Check out this guy who owns a bunch of restaurants in Indiana who recently had a fundraiser where he cut & dyed his hair like “The Tiger King” & used the money to pay his staff!
  2. Have you heard about the “Montana Mask“???? It’s an open-source, reusable mask for 3-D printers that’s getting mass produced!
  3. There’s thousands of AirBNB hosts that are offering free places for hospital staff!
  4. I LOVE this guy. He’s standing outside a Walmart in Georgia dressed as a Power Ranger & he’s handing out CASH & TP!
  5. You might have seen this one, but it needs a repeat…..there’s a dog named “Soda” who’s doing some curbside deliveries for a winery in Maryland.
  6. St. Judes just released a free Coronavirus coloring book that you can print out for your kids. It will help with good hygiene practices, and also serves as a tool to help them process everything that’s happening.
  7. Love when a company takes care of it’s employees. Even more so during a time like this. Kroger grocery stores have established a two-dollar-an-hour “Hero Bonus” for the hours they work between 3/29 & 4/18!
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