Each state’s favorite Rom-Com of the 21st century

What’s your FAVORITE Rom-Com of the last 20 years?

According to a new survey, a ton of people would pick “The 40 Year Old Virgin” or “Bridesmaids”.

In fact, Iowa, Illinois & Minnesota all chose “The 40 Year Old Virgin”….

While Wisconsin went with “Bridesmaids”…

“Bridget Jones’ Diary” got some love, as did “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

As a Red Sox fan, I’m sad to see that “Fever Pitch” didn’t get a single vote….not even in MA. Can’t go wrong with a movie where the Red Sox win a World Series at the end.

I will say, I was surprised by the lack of variety on this list. Only 13 different movies made the cut, out of the 56 that were made since 2000.

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