The most popular fetish in every state

A study recently figured out the most popular fetish in every state based on Google search data.

Yes, they’re tracking all your internet activity.

And there’s plenty of states that are pretty tame when it comes to their kink. Leather in NY, latex in Arizona….”take from me, my leather and my latex”….just doesn’t roll off the tongue like the original.

I’ve never personally understood pain during sexy time, but there’s plenty of states that enjoy sadism & masochism….like Louisiana, Montana & Colorado.

And apparently, Rhode Island is the ONLY state where foot fetish came in Number One. (Ain’t no way Shaw’s living there…)

Here in Wisconsin, “Sports Gear” is our go-to fetish. I Googled it….and the second result took me to a place I didn’t really need to see.

Anyhow, for the complete list & a state-by-state breakdown, click here.

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