The most unprofessional thing you’ve ever done while working.

There’s a new list on Buzzfeed about the most unprofessional thing people have done while at work.

Some pretty standard stuff on the list like “watch porn”, “shopping while on the clock”, “took a nap”….and then there’s the interesting answers like “made cupcakes with Ex-Lax because people kept stealing my lunch”, and “had sex with my boss for a $3 raise”…

I hope that was per hour, FYI.

I’ve had MANY jobs during my life…from working in a convenience store, to a number of kitchens(I could tell you some stories!), to working on Saabs, to being a garbage man.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the MOST unprofessional thing I’ve ever done at work, but when I was a garbage man in the great city of Manchester, NH, there was a landlord on the downtown route who would routinely pay us cash to take things we weren’t supposed to take.

Things like large furniture items. Washer & dryer sets. Old stoves. We had three guys on the truck and we’d each get $100 to watch the hopper chew all that stuff up. It was nice to get the cash, but it’ll never compare to the time we found a garbage barrel FULL of old porn VHS tapes.

Image three grown men, in an alleyway in downtown Manchester, sorting through dozens of VHS tapes in broad daylight.

What about you?

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