The strangest places to poop.

Recently, some tourists got arrested in Peru for taking a dump in a restricted area of the Machu Picchu sanctuary.

I’ve never been to Machu Picchu, but I can only assume that the designated “tourist” areas have bathroom facilities.

It got me thinking about the strangest places I’ve ever pooped.

I have/had diverticulitis for a number of years until about a decade ago when I finally had surgery to remove the damaged part of my colon. So I think about poop A LOT.

Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite part of working in radio is, I always tell them that I love being able to wear shorts & a t-shirt to work every day…and I also love that the station is located downtown. So in case I’m downtown and have to poop, I can poop in a familiar(and CLEAN) bathroom.

I’ve pooped in the woods while hunting, pooped in a couple of porta-potties at various music festivals, and once pooped on a buddy’s car as a prank…but that’s about it for strange places.

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