Here’s a Guaranteed Way For You To Be Known as the ‘Weird Neighbor’

John Wayne Gacy’s house is for sale in Illinois. And if you buy it everyone will avoid you and assume you’re a weirdo.

I’ve had a Netflix subscription long enough to know people really enjoy true crime and serial killers. Like a lot. I personally have watched at least 20 hours of tv devoted to these psychopaths. But, you wouldn’t catch me dead buying a house that used to belong to a serial killer. Especially one like Gacy. 29 bodies in the basement? Hell no! Way too many ghosts be lurking in there.

“What was that noise hunny?” “Oh that was just the disembodied voice of the murder victims.”

And yes before you start your “well actually decker…” comment I know the original house has been torn down and this is a new house. Also thanks for not capitalizing my name. Ghosts linger dudes, even if the walls have been torn down. That’s just simple horror movie logic.

If you’re interested in it though here’s a link.

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