The one with the Amish stereo

This week, Jean was out, Shaw was out…but Brian and Drew held down the fort early in the week until they returned. We talked about life’s “simple pleasures“, and discussed our top “minor inconveniences/first world problems”. Plus, we played “Fact or Bullcrap – Real names of celebrities” edition and had some “Fun Facts about Pirates” on International Talk Like A Pirate Day. We had the story about the VenMo/beer guy who is raising a BUNCH of money for charity…and we talked about the Amish buggy with a stereo in it! Oh…and a guy who had a 36 hour erection!


Brian Simpson

Unapologetic fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins & Celtics. Lover of powerful, dark beers. Married with NO kids. Ever. Lover of doggos. Not so much cats.

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