The La Crosse Confluence Rocks!

I stopped by Moon Tunes on Thursday because I wanted to make it a point to catch The La Crosse Confluence, a band comprised of students from Logan and Central high schools. Every band you love started somewhere, and at one point, were students themselves. So I wanted to show a little support for our local kids as they make their first steps on their musical journey. I was not disappointed.

They played a variety of covers from the 70’s to today, and I’d say they did so very faithfully. The most important attribute I can compliment these kids on is their enthusiasm. They truly enjoy playing the music they play, and it shows. If you have that quality as an artist, you have everything you need. The rest just falls into place.
To the students who may read this, indulge me on one piece of advice. Don’t lose that spark. Music has gotten me through some very hard times in life. But if you cling to the music, nothing can put you down. Take that love you feel for this craft, and use it to create something beautiful. Not just artistically, but in every aspect of your life. You’re already off to a great start.

Here’s a few pics of how the evening went. (Students, feel free to steal these if you like and use them how you see fit. They are all yours.)

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