Talk Birdie To Me 2024 – In Pictures

We had another great time on the golf course raising money for charity. Beers were drank, Bacon was eaten, balls were even hit straight sometimes!
But this was all for charity, making money for the Rock Foundation. We’d like to thank Bill and his incredible staff at Valley High Golf Club for having us again. He and his team have always been fantastic in helping us set up this event. It’s a beautiful course, and he puts a lot of trust in us to not muck it all up. (At least not too bad. There may still be a stray blow up doll floating about.)
We also need to thank all of you, you insane group of goofballs we call Rock Listeners, for jumping aboard and having a day on the course with us. We’ll do it again next year!

Here’s a few pics of how the day went, followed by a short video below.

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