Roman vs The Rock at Wrestlemania is the Right Call

Last Friday on Smackdown, Cody Rhodes announced that he would not challenge Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania as expected. Instead, leaving him to legendary superstar, The Rock.
This call has made a lot of fans upset. Many were expecting to see Cody “finish the story” at this year’s Wrestlemania. That will now have to be put on the back-burner yet again.

But while many are upset, I argue that this is the right call.

First of all, many fans have been begging for this match for years. For almost a decade, fans have wanted to see Roman and The Rock go head to head, especially being related. Sure, it’s probably happening later than it should have. But I believe this is a good place to mark the beginning of the end of Roman’s title reign.
Roman is rapidly nearing Hulk Hogan’s historic title reign of 1,474 days as World Champion. He’ll break that record to become the 3rd longest reigning champion in WWE history if he can hold on to the title through the end of September. THIS is when Cody should take him down.

Hogan’s title reign is a huge mark to cross, unlikely to ever happen again. This is going to generate a lot of talk. Media outlets that don’t normally discuss professional wrestling will talk about it. This puts more eyes on the WWE, and more specifically, more eyes on Roman and Cody when that match does happen. What better way for a member of the Rhodes family to finally hold the biggest title in the company for the first time, than to do so by ending the longest title reign in the modern era?

I want Cody to take that title. I want him to finish his story. But I also want Roman Reigns to finish his. Why can’t we have both of these things and finish them together?


FILE - Actor and former WWE Superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson participates in a Wrestlemania XXVII press conference at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square on Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2011 in New York.  It is a name that has become almost synonymous with professional wrestling but its bearer, Dwayne Johnson, has never legally owned “The Rock.” That will change under a new agreement with the WWE under whichJohnson will also join the board of TKO Group, the sports and entertainment company that houses WWE and UFC.(AP Photo/Evan Agostini, file)
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