Top Songs of the Week – 1/24

Quite a few new names on the list of the best of the best here at 95.7 The Rock. It makes me look forward a good year of music here in 2024. So let’s take a look at who’s on top, in no particular order.

  1. Daughtry – Artificial
  2. Mammoth WVH – I’m Alright
  3. Here and Now – Staind
  4. Bad Wolves – Legends Never Die
  5. Tim Montana – Devil You Know
  6. Shinedown – A Symptom of Being Human
  7. Green Day – The American Dream is Killing Me

Things usually slow down around the holidays as far as new music goes. But now that the holidays are over and many of us are already looking ahead to spring, more new music will start to flow in. Several big name bands are either working on new music to release later, or just days/weeks away from releasing completed works. The year looks bright!

Top Songs of the Week
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